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At Mid-South Nursery and Greenhouses, we offer an extensive selection from many favorite suppliers. Regardless, if we obtain the seeds, purchase tags, supplies, stock for the nursery, or obtain images to share with our consumers, we respectfully acknowledge the following for their expertise and/or contributions: 

  • Southern Living (R) Plant Collection

  • Encore (R) Azalea

  • First Edition (R)

  • Endless Summer (R) Hydrangea

  • Proven Winners (R)

  • Knock Out (R) Roses

  • Drift (R) Roses

  • Burpee (R) Plants

In addition, we appreciate our customers who have contributed sources and photos. Furthermore, sources may be added or altered to reflect trademarks or affiliation of merchandise or photos. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to list acknowledgements and  sources to reflect the goods that we offer.

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