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Stepables & Sedum

Let us help you find "stepables and sedum" that are durable, dependable and tough for your landscaping needs. Our plants feel terrific under your feet and beautiful around your shrubs or over your retaining wall! Our plants will not only survive for you, they will thrive!                                     
White Mazus - Fast growing perennial ground cover, with bright green leaves that creep and spread, hugging the ground as it grows. Great to fill crevices, between stepping stones, or fill in over flower bulbs. 
Creeping Wire Vine- Tiny, dark, glossy green leaves turn bronze as spring moves into summer. Foliage turns more bronze with heat or cold. This plant tolerates drought, wind and poor soil. Needs excellent drainage to be content.
Goldmoss Stonecrop - This will carpets the ground with deep, green foliage that becomes completely engulfed with yellow flowers in summer. The deep green foliage turns a beautiful shade of red during cold months to give you winter interest on the ground. 
Platt's Black Brass Buttons - 
Beautiful bronze-black, fern-like foliage that creep along on top and underneath the soil to form a soft, fuzzy mat under your feet. It has small cream buttons that top the plant in spring.
Lemon Ball - One of the most colorful of the sedums, and certainly lives up to its name. It is a dependable, drought-tolerant, high quality plant with yellow-green foliage that keeps its color all summer long. It has a spreading, mounded habit that is both neat and vigorous. The spruce-like foliage does not flop apart in the center, but stays very dense and bushy. This one has done great in our gardens.
Gizzard- This is an unusual, ever-colorful plant. It has glossy, oval leaves that measure 2 1/2 inches across. It makes a great-looking houseplant, but they can live outside as an annual. These plants can reach heights up to five feet tall, but when grown in a container as an annual you should expect 12-18 inches of growth. The colorful leaves make it a great choice for combination planters or stand-alone baskets.
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