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The Beauty of Evergreens

Many are preparing their yards in anticipation of beautiful and vibrant annuals to showcase. This summer, however it's just as important to remember the workhorses behind it all, the evergreens. 

Evergreens provide more than just a year-round foliage. They serve as privacy screens, focal points, garden walls, and stability. Evergreens are some of the most important in the design and function of any landscape. 

The first thing to consider before planting your annuals or other foliage, is what type of structural element is lacking? Is there a focal point in your garden that you wish to accent or an area you wish to screen out? Perhaps, you would like a low border of green to frame your flower beds. The function of the evergreen will help with the deciding factor of your plant selection. 

Additionally, it is important to know the elements the plant will be exposed to. Will the plant be in full sun, partial sun/shade, or full shade? Is the ground dry or moist? Knowing this information before you visit the nursery will make time more efficient and prevent misjudgment. 

Furthermore, it is valuable to know the desired look. Do you want something that is in a cone shape, weeping, or spreads? Will the plant have sufficient space at full maturity? 

There are numerous evergreens to be explored. Come visit us to find the perfect evergreen to showcase your yard and home! 



We are humbled & honored to be chosen The Friend of Master Gardener for the state of Arkansas, as well as the "Best Nursery" by the Jonesboro Radio Group and "Best Nursery and Garden Center" by Occasions Magazine's Readers' Choice Awards! We appreciate the vote of confidence and the opportunity to continue to serve the people of Northeast Arkansas and surrounding area. 


Need a Fundraiser? 

Need to earn a little “green” for your nonprofit organization? Whether you are fundraising on behalf of your school, religious group, sports team, or charitable organization, we can help you grow a stash of green!
Please enroll your group ASAP!
In order to have enough time to conduct a successful fundraiser.
Contact Debi to learn more about your fundraising options! 

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Thank You! 

We appreciate our sweet volunteer and sister, Mrs. Becky Pope! She is always eager to spend time with us and give a helping hand. We are blessed! 

Thank you for shopping local and investing in our community. Approximately, $73 out of $100 returns to local activity! Stimulate the local economy, shape our community, and promote our area by shopping here and other small businesses. We are proudly home-grown and appreciate your business. We proudly give back to our community, serve within the mid-south, and support our schools, churches, and businesses. 



We are here to share our design, gardening, and eco-friendly practices for you and your family! Our landscape designers and specialist can help you create a dynamic yard that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Take advantage of what we have to offer to create a yard that stands out from the rest, without breaking the bank! 

Come browse our nursery and greenhouses to discover our huge varieties and receive expert advice.       

Let our experts give you a hand
with all your horticultural needs. 
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We are proud to be



              THANK YOU!
For more than six decades, we have been in business sharing our knowledge and love for horticulture! Jonesboro Occasion's Magazine featured us in their October 2020 edition to share with readers how our nursery has grown for many generations! 

We would like to thank this local publication, as well as Ms. Audrey Hanes, Ms. Kayla Broadway, and all involved in highlighting our business. We appreciate the opportunity to share our story with others in Northeast Arkansas and invite all to come check out our facilities for yourself! Take a peek for yourself in the article or pick up a copy for yourself throughout our wonderful town! Thank you for your support! 

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