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Spectacular Container Gardens 

Want some color, but really don't want to commit to such a large area? Container gardening allows for such versatility. Using containers, gardens may be added to patios, balconies, courtyards, boat docks, window-boxes, the deck of boats, rooftops,  or along sidewalks. They are convenient in many ways because they can provide: 
  • More variety: It is easy to grow plants that may not be suitable to grow in your garden soil and grow plants next to each other even though they may have different soil needs.
  • Accessibility: Growing plants in containers makes gardening accessible to almost anyone including children or those with limited mobility.
  • No weeding: Due to the small surface area, the need for weeding is less likely.
  • No heavy garden tools and equipment: Saves your back and money with less maintenance.
  • Mobility: Easily moved to suit your needs or to a more suitable location during the day.
  • Change your look: Easily vary your color scheme.  As each plant finishes flowering or fruiting, it can be replaced with another.
  • Flexibility: Rearrange plants to suit the season or your personal taste.
  • Control space invaders: Vigorous growers like mints and bamboo that are too invasive if let loose in the garden do well in containers, but will take over an in-ground garden.
  • Portable: Take your garden wherever you go! 
  • Less disease problems: Most of the time plants that are grown in containers have fewer problems with diseases than plants grown in the soil.
  • Fewer pesky pests: Insects that move from plant to plant in the garden are less likely to discover plants on a balcony, verandah or deck.  Even if a problem is detected, you can isolate affected plants by relocating the pot until the problem is under control.
  • Fertilizing is easier:  Keeping your plants well-fed is much easier when they are confined to a small area.  Not as much nutrient tends to be lost or absorbed by neighboring plants like when they are grown directly in garden beds.
  • Time and labor saving: Less time is spent weeding, walking and watering when plants are grouped all in one place.
Ms. Debi Orr, one of the corporate managers, has an eye for creativity and designs stunning arrangements. She understands the need to add depth, texture, and contrast with show-stopping qualities! She strategically places each plant to create a horticultural masterpiece that everyone
raves over! Below are just a few of  her designs: 




Let us decorate your home with lush, show-stopping container gardens for any area of your home or landscape. Stop by today to view a container garden on-hand or order a custom design just for you or your business. 
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