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Reliable Color Year After Year

 Whether you're creating a variety of plants to  your home  or a commercial landscape, perennial are a great option that will result in a dynamic outdoor space that evolves  year after year.  From their spring emergence, seasonal flowering and gentle flow,  perennials provide the most dynamic layer in the garden. At Mid-South Nursery & Greenhouses, we have affordable perennial plants that can assist in creating a landscape that  stands out year after year! 
Some our favorites include: 
  • Coneflowers- This beauty is a common grower and succeeds in a wide range of conditions. They grow 2-5 feet tall, with various colors, and perfect for our zone!
  • Shasta Daisy- This classic flower will put a smile on your face! It is best to divide your daisies every three years to invigorate the blooms and encourage longevity. The large 3-to-4 inch wide flowers bloom from midsummer into fall. They grow 1 to 3 feet tall, so they won't overpower your garden. 
  • Dusty Miller- This is a short lived perennial that never seems to disappoint. With their ability to self-seed, young plants are always ready to develop. The plant reaches 2-3 feet, with bright magenta, white, or pink flowers that rise above the velvety gray foliage. They are drought tolerant and perfect in our zone.
  • Black-Eyed Summer-These butterfly favorites grow 2 to 3 feet tall and are sturdy enough to stand without staking. They will adapt to dry and moist soils and even heavy clay. They do best in a well-drained soil with ample moisture though. They look great in containers and even deer resistant! 
  • Yarrow-The flowers are small but numerous, rising up 18 to 24 inches and fading to hues of color. They tend to spread, so divide every few years to contain it. 
  • Veronica-This perennial produces a dense clump of crinkled green foliage topped by violet-blue flower spikes from summer to fall if deadheaded. It grows 18 to 24 inches tall. A pollinator, this plant, makes a perfect cut flower. It is adaptable to different soils as long as they drain well. 
Unlike annuals, which complete their life cycle within one year, perennial plants live for more than two years. The majority of perennial plants can live much longer, even decades, making them a popular choice.  With their affordability and almost maintenance-free quality, perennials is the perfect choice to mix with your annuals that will put on a season-long flower show!  
Perennials contains both evergreen and deciduous perennial flowering plants, which can bloom all through spring, summer and fall. Some perennials, especially ornamental grasses, carry a measure of beauty through the winter even if their top growth is lifeless at that point. Also, many herbs fall into the perennial category and provide a wonderful fragrance to the garden while also providing food.  Perennials are beautiful and can also provide shelter and food for wildlife. They can also aid with environmental concerns by acting as a soil stabilizer, reduces water pollution and the need for pesticides, assist with pollination and can provide beautiful ground cover.
Maximize the bloom potential by removing faded flowers to give the plant opportunity to recycle energy into producing more flowers rather than seeds. The only exception is late-season flowers in place for winter interest and to feed wildlife. Also, plant your perennials in the right spot to ensure they receive enough light and moisture to produce an abundance of blooms. Good soil prep will help, too! We can analyze your soil to ensure that you have the right nutrients for your plants. Last, while planning your garden include perennials with a range of overlapping bloom times to really stretch the show. 
When reworking garden areas in late summer and early fall, consider adding perennials to your space for additional dimension. Whether your space receives full sun, partial shade, or areas of light shade, select from our full palette of colors, textures, shapes and fragrances to create the perennial garden of your dreams! 

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